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Ready to Heal?

I am Jessica Montana and my passion is to provide profoundly relaxing experiences so you may be in the world with the most glorious natural high.

How can Green Medicine help you?

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Green Medicine offers these solutions to help you relax:

Green Medicine offers these solutions to aid pain relief:

Green Medicine offers these solutions to support your goals:

Green Medicine offers these natural weight loss solutions to support your goals and living a healthy lifestyle:

Green Medicine offers these natural support systems to benefit your wellness:

Green Medicine offers licensed acupuncture services in Haiku.

Green Medicine offers these solutions to help you feel better:

Green Medicine offers several types of medical massage to serve your wellbeing:

Green Medicine offers these natural services to improve your general health and wellness:

  • Maui acupuncturist

What is Green Medicine?

First, do no harm.

Individualized for the individual.

Powered by love.

Grounded in Spiritual Awareness.

Works with the laws and forces of Nature.

Why Green Medicine?

Self care is Healthcare

If you need fast and effective and want natural
‣ Go Green Medicine

If you need non judgmental emotional and physical support
‣ Go Green Medicine

If you are sick or injured
‣ Green Medicine is reliable, professional, and easy to schedule

PURPOSE: “Our main objective is to be more effective”

True, Genuine, Natural and Responsible Healing.

I invite all of you to come and see the beautiful space, relax, and feel good.
natural healing


  • Seeks to see the big picture: wholism
  • Seeks to personalize each and every healing experience
  • Responsible medicine that supports the innate healing capacity
  • Works with the spirit of cooperation
  • Grounded in spiritual awareness and ecological consciousness

beyond conventional drugs

  • Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture & Herbs
  • Ayurvedic
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Chiropractic and Naturopathy
  • Massage and Reiki
  • Nutrition
Integration between these systems with western medicine is critical.