Jessica Montana, L.Ac.

Maui Acupuncturist

Maui Acupuncture Hours

MONDAY 11am to 7pm
TUESDAY 1pm to 7pm
WEDNESDAY 10am to 4pm
THURSDAY 9am to 3pm
SATURDAY 10am to 3pm/5pm

As a child I was always drawn to medicine. I was always curious as to what it all meant and fascinated by the human body. I found myself questioning my own doctors and looking to nature for answers. I take a solution oriented approach to restoring homeostasis and use any combination of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Massage, Emotional Release, and Nutrition Counseling to meet the needs and demands for today’s society. I do not work alone, there is always a great angel by my side.

Please call me with any questions or concerns.

Jessica Montana