Luis Mijares



“My passion is life. Sustainable life, healthy life, and biodiversity. I am so passionate about that. But my passion is also science and technology. Most people find that kind of thinking incompatible—how can you talk about both technology and about nature? Well, I found out that I had the ability to bridge that gap. I had the ability to think in scientific terms, to really understand all of the wonderful world of technology, and at the same time to know with all of my heart that all the answers are in nature.”

Luis Mijares works tirelessly to orchestrate the creation of one-of-a-kind products that are safe, effective, and grounded in natural, botanical principles.  His formulations include the best-selling Ultimate Body Applicator and body contouring line, the complete collection of It Works! skin care products, and Confianza, an anti-stress dietary supplement made with adaptogenic herbs.

Luis’s passion for research and development in the skin care, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries began when he was a child, learning natural remedies from his grandmother in Mexico.  His abundant credentials, including his experience as the CEO of a top pharmaceutical company, his international renown as an herbalist and university educator of phytotherapy (the uses of plants for medicinal purposes), along with his keen personal interest in natural solutions made Luis an ideal member of the It Works! product development team.

Luis’s hands-on approach to developing naturally-based skin care and nutritional products for It Works ensures strict quality standards. He particularly has a personal interest in creating products that safely prevent and repair the harmful environmental effects that contribute to the speed of the aging process.