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$110 | 60 minutes

Session Includes:
Body Contour Treatment
Diet Guidelines




Body Wraps

Herbal Weight Loss Wraps



  • Eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles
  • Tightens, tones and firms the skin
  • Provides lasting results
  • Releases fat to detox and cleanse the whole body
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Maui’s Body Wrap Diva

My herbal wrap at Green Medicine was a lovely, cosmic experience. Jessica’s explanation of what to expect was accurate and her bedside manner is so soothing & nurturing. I felt the little herbs “blowing up the fat cells” around my whole midriff, pleasant & tingly! Jessica’s tonifying acupuncture & sweet facial & neck/shoulder massage along with the wrap made for a most unleveling day! Indeed, I melted off half an inch immediately and nearly another inch the next day & the session gave me a “jump start” to my next level of toning up my post-menopausal body. Thanks Jessica, I’ll be back for more!!
—Judy Levy, business owner & health enthusiast

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Program Overview
a fast and effective way to take control of your body and your life 


  • Understanding our Two Minds: Conscious & Subconscious
  • The Life Bonding Balance
  • Core Belief Balance
  • How to Self Muscle Test


  • Pinpointing- When Where & Why We Eat
  • Eating Habits Questionnaire
  • Regrets and Internal Dialogue
  • Emotional Triggers
  • The Victim Triangle


  • Emotional Block Questionnaire
  • Tally Sheet, Score Card
  • Insight into largest Pitfalls and where to begin reversing behaviors
  • Rebuild Emotional Foundation
  • Transform Anger, Blame, Frustration, Guilt, Poor Habits, Indulgence, Judgement, Insecurity, Loneliness, Low Self-
  • Esteem, and enhance Personal Power


  • Whole-Brained Posture
  • Sensory Based Balance
  • Macarena Balance
  • The 21 Day Plan
  • Emotional Response Words
  • How to write a well-formed Belief Statement
  • I AM


  • Use and Reuse Discovery and Tools for change strategies
  • New Options- to create new behaviors that support your goals
  • Create a Support Network


  • Forgive the Unforgivable
  • 5 Step Process
  • Sleep Protocol
  • Pain Release Technique

$2,500 | 4 week program






Jess, It was just pure fun!  My body is functioning so well right now and my mind is totally clear.  Each day is now so special to me.  Realizing that my time is limited has given me great focus. When we first started the Bodywise program for weight loss using your skills and acupuncture, I was concerned that it may not work.  After the first session, when you took so much time with me to really discuss the issues behind why I accepted being fat , I realized that I needed to change my belief system.  You have helped me a lot more than I thought possible.  It has been a little over a month now and I have not had any alcohol, my eating habits have changed so that I am aware of what I am eating and I still eat until I am satisfied.

My goal was not really to ” go on a diet “, but to change my whole relationship with food.  I am mentally.  My vision of who I am has changed so that I focus on the mental picture of the man who is going to be at a monumental family event one year from now.  Best of all, the weight is coming off with out a lot of stress or hunger. In 6 more days, I should break 230 lbs. down from 251 .  On Saturday, I paddled to Moloka’i with my crew in the Pailolo Challenge. Not bad for a 62 year old.  I stopped my blood pressure meds 7 weeks ago and my blood pressure is now in the safe zone with no meds. Something is working! Thank you !

I just completed the BodyWise program with Jessica and going through it was so much more than I had hoped for! At the time I felt like I was stuck and going in circles with some unhealthy habits that I was already aware of, but just didn’t have the answers for. I knew it wasn’t just my actions that needed changing. I had tried that before, and with no luck. Having the opportunity to go through the BodyWise program and receive the practical tools from it was absolutely profound! Really! It was so much more about my underlying beliefs and thoughts than I ever realized. What, additionally, was so beautiful about coming to this realization was that Jessica was right there with me to facilitate the transition from the old, useless, and negative thinking patterns to the new, exciting and boundless opportunities that were available to my life!

And the switch was so much easier than I had ever anticipated! Jessica’s intuition in each session was pristine and I really can’t imagine going through it with anyone else. She was truly sensitive enough to be aware of the times that I needed the extra support, and gently challenging enough to help me make this journey one that is uniquely my own. This wasn’t just a BodyWise program for me. It was an answer to so many of the, “Why am I _____?” questions that I had, and a turning point towards creating the beautiful life that I choose! Thank you so much Jessica!

The day I walked into Green Medicine I was on my last wit. I had recently relocated after 25 years and was not adjusting well. I was plagued with panic attacks, fear of social interaction, specifically men and have been dealing with chronic neck and hip issues. I have been called a self-help junkie, constantly searching for relief, and paying thousands of dollars to practitioners from every modality known to humankind. My eating habits had become atrocious and I was fighting underlying addictions to pot and alcohol for escape from the acute pain. The day I met Jessica Montana, I was ready to leave the planet because I just couldn’t see a positive future.

Thankfully my instincts are strong and when I walked into the tiny office in the strip mall of self-help known as Haiku Town, I felt I was walking into a sanctuary. When Jessica appeared and looked up at me, I immediately knew I had been sent here to heal. While there was no question in my subconscious that I was where I needed to be…my conscious mind would take some convincing.

I plunked down $2500 without hesitation to begin the Body Wise program. The program is geared toward healthy eating and retraining your brain to address the triggers that have prompted negative and unhealthy behavior. Acting as a surrogate, Jessica immediately began getting to the emotional and psychological root of the problems that had manifested as the physical problems I was experiencing. My subconscious spoke to her in a language I couldn’t understand and was begging for help. She heard, she coaxed, she teased and laughed and nurtured that entity inside of me until she attained absolute trust and surrender.

Two years ago I abruptly remembered a suppressed episode of molestation that had been hidden in my subconscious for 40 years. Although I couldn’t have pinpointed it before, this is when I began having problems with my right hip. Jessica determined that the hip was a direct relation to the memory and through acupuncture and psych-k, worked on the psychological episode and brought it toward the light so I could forgive. Once this was accomplished, she worked on the physical manifestation and when I walked out of her office that day, only after four sessions, my hip was pain free for the first time in two years and remains pain free after three days of this testimony.

She has helped to guide my eating habits into a healthier vein and we are working on the other addictions without judgment or regrets. The herbs she has prescribed along with the vitamins, eliminating dairy and gluten have increased my absorption and helped my digestion, therefore reducing my stomach pains and panic triggers.